Expia Ltd

Expia Ltd is a charitable company limited by guarantee which aims to reduce re-offending by:

  • Providing employment and supporting the education and training of risk assessed prisoners at the jailhouse cafes and gardens.
  • Seeking links to next steps to external employment.
  • Marketing products and services produced by prison workshops.
  • Helping prisoners to make reparation for their crimes by volunteering and helping in the local community.

We want prisoners to not offend again when they leave prison and are committed to help those leaving custody lead useful and law abiding lives in the future. We do this by:

  • Supporting training and helping to create further employment opportunities.
  • Providing a real work environment to develop and practice new skills.
  • Helping individuals to develop and maintain family contacts.
  • Signposting to other appropriate support mechanisms both inside the prison and upon release.
  • Providing positive role models and signposting to mentors who can offer personal support.

Expia has a volunteer Board of Trustees:

  • Steve Butler Chairman.
  • Sally Birch.
  • Sue Munts.
  • Felix Durrant.
  • Graham Metcalfe.

Expia is committed to providing excellent customer service to everyone affected by its operation. As a charity we are firmly committed to serving the interests of the community and our customers and ensuring a process of continuous improvement. We understand that things can sometimes go wrong and mistakes can be made, and understand the value of complaints in ensuring matters are addressed appropriately.
Please see our COMPLAINTS POLICY or send us an email: expiamanager@gmail.com with any comments about your experience with us.

We also have a detailed Data Protection Policy which includes a statement about Handling Personal Information. This is relevant to anyone who comes to work for us, or volunteers in our Cafes. Please see THIS LINK for further information.

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