Coffee Companions at the Jailhouse Café Guys Marsh

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Coffee Companions is a new social enterprise that has been set up to create contacts and build healthy communities, by letting others
know when their company would be welcome,
starting with a cup of coffee.

It is for anyone who wants to put down the paper, turn off the phone and enjoy a chat.

The founder, Caroline Billington, noticed how many people sit alone in coffee shops often hiding behind their newspapers, phones or computers. When discussing this with others the common phrase that came back was “yes, but I don’t want to intrude”. Chat Mats seemed like a good idea and Coffee Companions was born.
Whether you are an individual, couple, or part of a group use the green side, with its ‘Say Hello’ message to encourage others to join you – whether you are a new mother, newly retired, someone who has recently moved to the area or just someone who is happy to meet someone new!
Use the red side, which says ‘Not today’, for days when you just want to people watch, read your book or otherwise be undisturbed.

At the Jailhouse Café Guys Marsh you can find the chat mats on the tables at any time, and we also hold a dedicated ‘Companion Hour’ every Friday morning between 11.00-12.00.

And if you are willing to be a Chat Companion, let us know and we’ll give you a free tea or coffee to enjoy with your chat!

Download the poster HERE

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