HMP Guys Marsh and HMP Portland/YOI

HMP Portland/YOI and HMP Guys Marsh are dedicated to reducing re-offending and continuously strive to find innovative ways to achieve this, alongside existing offending behavior programmes. By developing new partnerships, introducing real work opportunities, creating improved relationships with families and identifying the right interventions at the right time we aim to make a positive impact for victims, offenders, their families and the wider community.

HMP Portland/YOI and HMP Guys Marsh work closely with Expia Ltd and the Jailhouse Cafe by:

  • Risk assessing suitable candidates to work outside and maintaining support and supervision where required.
  • Managing the partnership arrangements between Expia Ltd and the college provider.
  • Working with the community to develop new links and partnerships for the prison and Expia Ltd.
  • Providing security and prison awareness support for Expia Ltd volunteers and staff.
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